Bradford CAMRA 2019/2020 Best Beer


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Luddite 3.8% 

Luddite ale is a light amber beer, Brewed as a session beer for the ordinary working man or woman. It has a blend of Maris Otter, Crystal and Munich malts, and then hopped with English Hops. This gives the beer a smooth body, with a sweet finish.

Panther Pale 4.0%

Our flag ship beer, brewed with Yorkshire Pale & wheat malt, and hopped with American Citra. Crisp & refreshing with mellow tropical fruits, certainly a session beer.

Yorkshire Bitter 4.0%

Our traditional Yorkshire bitter, is a fantastic seller in any situation. It’s has a sweet caramel & toffee taste, and is then hopped with English grown hops, Admiral, Challenger & East Kent Golding

Xtra – Yorkshire Rose 4.2% 

This pale ale has been brewed with American Yeast, and 3 high alpha American hops, Centennial, Citra & Summit. There is plenty of pink grapefruit and citrus flavours with floral notes.

Mill Blonde 4.2% 

Our pale blonde beer is brewed using Extra Pale Malt, Wheat and a touch of Caramalt, then hopped with American hops, to give it a fruity, grapefruit and light peach finish.

XTRA – Fudge 4.6% 

An award winning smooth and rich stout, with added flavors of Chocolate Brownie, and a lightly roasted hint, to balance out the sweeness. This is Fudge!

Awards: Bradford CAMRA 2019 Best Beer 4.1%-5.0%

Aireborough Beer Festival 2019 – Beer Of The Festival Silver


Same Again 3.4%


Our session pale is light in color, from the use of barley, wheat & oats. Then it’s smooth and hoppy, with plenty of flavor for a low strength beer. Tropical and citrus fruits from the use of American Amarillo, Cascade & Columbus

White Panther 3.8%

A full bodied pale, that is easy drinking and very session-able. There is a blend of Cascade & Chinook, which gives this a rounded citrus flavor.

Looking Through The Window 3.8%

This pale ale has been brewed with American Cascade & American Yeast, there is plenty of grapefruit and citrus flavors with a smooth clean bitterness

New Zealand Pale 3.8%

Straw in color, and a touch of sweetness from using Munich malt, this New Zealand Pale has had a late hop addition of Rakau and Taiheke, plus a generous dry hop to give it a citrus, grapefruit and new world hop flavor.

XPA 3.9%

Very pale in color from the use of Low Color Maris Otter, Wheat & Oats. Hopped using All American hops to give it a distinct tropical fruits taste, such as pineapple and with citrus & pine undertones.

British Bitter 4.0%

A classic bitter, brewed with British ingredients, right from the grain, to the hops, then a British yeast strain. Maris Otter, Wheat, Red Crystal & Caramalt. Then hopped using Admiral, Challenger and Goldings

Luddite Rebellion 4.0%

English Pale Brewed with a blend of extra pale Maris Otter & Wheat malt, and then hopped using English Olicana, Endeavor & Cascade to give a citrus, grapefruit, red berries and fruity flavor. Then fermented with an American Yeast.

Red Wing Cask Lager 4.2% 

A crisp and refreshing lager, with a sweet malt backbone and light citrus from the use of American hops. Popular from the very first time we brewed it

Yorkshire Mild 4.2%

Yorkshire Mild is a well rounded dark mild, with a blend of 5 malts, and English only hops. There are chocolate and toffee flavors with a light hop background of stone fruits and light spice.

Dukes IPA 4.2%

Our IPA is designed to be an easy drinking beer, brewed with a blend of American Cascade, Comet & Citra. It has a light malt flavor and hoppy grapefruit and lychee finish

Invictus 4.3% 

A pale ale, using a blend of Simcoe & Mandarina Bavaria, to give this a citrus and orange flavor, with notes of pine, then followed up with a sweet finish.

Xtra Triple C 4.5%

This version of the Triple C hops is Centennial, Citra & Columbus. Big fruity and citrus flavours, with a light spice finish, balanced nicely against a sweet malt backbone

Black Panther 4.6%

Brewed using Maris Otter, Oats, Chocolate Malt & Roast Barley, gives this stout a light vanilla & licorice flavour from the malts. Then hopped using English Challenger & Target for a fruity berry taste, with light spice notes.

Chilli Chocolate Stout 4.6%

A traditional stout infused with Chilli & Chocolate to give a round bold sweetness, then a chilli bite.

Coffee & Walnut Stout 4.6% 

This stout has a rich combination of Coffee and Walnut, full bodied, and easy drinking. Roasted coffee notes balanced nicely with toasted walnut.

Big Panther 5.0%

A stronger and hoppier version of our flagship beer Panther Pale. We have added more malt in the mash tun & more hops to each stage of the brewing process. Big citrus and fruity flavors, this is Big Panther

Stout 5.5%

A traditional English stout, full bodied, with a smooth mouthfeel and notes of chocolate, toffee and roasted barley. Challenger hops have been used to give this stout a light spice & fruity note.

Chocolate Orange Stout 5.6% 

A full bodied stout, which has an abundance of orange, mandarin & zesty flavors and aromas, followed up by a solid malt backbone. A beer that doesn’t drink like a 5.6% beer. Our take on a chocolate T’orange.

Beer of the festival – Bradford CAMRA beer festival 2020

People Choice’s 5.1%-6.0% – Bradford CAMRA beer festival 2020

Triple Chocolate Stout 5.6%

We have added chocolate malt to the mash, dark chocolate in the copper and cocoa nibs in the FV. This is oozing with chocolate. The only hops that went into this brew are 100% English. Admiral & Challenger, with a late addition of East Kent Goulding’s to give it a mild fruity and floral aroma, and a chocolate finish.

Treacle & Toffee Stout 5.6%

This indulgent, rich and robust stout, has lashing of Treacle and Toffee flavour. There is a good solid malt backbone, with hints of Chocolate and Coffee, leaving you wanting more and more.


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