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2013 is when it all began in a small garage where Steve started brewing has a hobby brewing for friends and family that quickly developed in to brewing for his local pub and then through hard work and word of mouth he outgrew the garage and needed larger premises so in 2016 is when the Mill Valley Brewery moved to Woodroyd Mills Cleckheaton an old joiners shop that needed a lot of work...... Read More

Mill Valley Brewery have two bars selling both there own beers and largers and a wide range of selected guest ales. The Mill Bar Cleckheaton is a lively bar with live entertainment each week but keeping that real ale atmosphere the Brew House Liversedge is a small laid back pub ideal for a quiet pint after work or after your long walks.

Some breweries use gelatin or isinglass 'finings' from fish swim bladders to help the yeast settle so their beers become clear more quickly, and sometimes certain beer recipes will call for animal products such as oysters, honey and lactose. These days a growing number of breweries are rejecting the use of gelatin and isinglass in favour of vegan friendly methods such as silica gel, carrageen (also known as Irish moss), centrifuging, or just not fining/filtering their beer at all.

Recently Mill Valley Brewery have expanded in to bottling there beers for sale in shops, bars and restaurants the public can buy these products and get them delivered to there door from our Home Delivery Shop (click The Heading For More Information).


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What a service we stock both there bottles and cans great service and good prices

Eugene Cook


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ordering is quick and painless always on time and accommodate to our large orders

Jennifer Lynch


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Great service we order bottles for our vegan shop and they fit in nicely and look great on the shelves and delivery is quick

Howard Munton