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Luddite 3.8% 

Luddite ale is a light amber beer, Brewed as a session beer for the ordinary working man or woman. It has a blend of Maris Otter, Crystal and Munich malts, and then hopped with English Hops. This gives the beer a smooth body, with a sweet finish.

Panther Pale 4.0%

Our flag ship beer, brewed with Yorkshire Pale & wheat malt, and hopped with American Citra. Crisp & refreshing with mellow tropical fruits, certainly a session beer.

Mill Blonde 4.2% 

Our pale blonde beer is brewed using English Maris Otter, Wheat and a touch of Caramalt, then hopped with English and American Calypso hops, to give it a fruity and light spice finish.

Xtra – Yorkshire Rose 4.2% 

This pale ale has been brewed with American Yeast, and 3 high alpha American hops, Centennial, Citra & Summit. There is plenty of pink grapefruit and citrus flavours with floral notes.

Yorkshire Bitter 4.0% 

Our traditional Yorkshire bitter, is a fantastic seller in any situation. It’s has a sweet caramel & toffee taste, and is then hopped with English grown hops, Admiral, Challenger & East Kent Golding

Black Panther 4.6% 

Brewed using Maris Otter, Oats, Chocolate Malt & Roast Barley, gives this stout a light vanilla & licorice flavour from the malts. Then hopped using English Challenger & Target for a fruity berry taste, with light spice notes

Red Wing Lager 4.2%

A crisp and refreshing lager, with a sweet malt backbone and light citrus from the use of American hops.

Luddite Rebellion 4.0%

Golden and Hoppy! Brewed with a blend of Extra Pale Maris Otter & Wheat Malt, and then hopped using English Olicana, Endeavour & Cascade to give a citrus, grapefruit, red berries and fruity flavour. Then fermented with an American Yeast.

Xtra Treacle & Toffee Stout 5.6%

This indulgent, rich and robust stout, has lashing of Treacle and Toffee flavour. There is a good solid malt backbone, with hints of Chocolate and Coffee, leaving you wanting more and more.

Stout 5.5% 
A traditional English stout, full bodied, with a smooth mouthfeel and notes of chocolate, toffee and roasted barley. Challenger hops have been used to give this stout a light spice & fruity note.

Xtra Chocolate Orange Stout 5.6%

A Full bodied stout, which has an abundance of orange, mandarin & zesty flavours and aromas.A beer that doesn’t drink like its 5.6% abv. Our take on a chocolate T’orange.

Big Panther 5.0%

A stronger and hoppier version of our flagship beer Panther Pale. We have added more malt in the mash tun & more hops to each stage of the brewing process. Big citrus and fruity flavors, this is Big Panther

Same Again 3.4%

Our session pale is light in colour, from the use of barley, what and oats. Then its smooth and hoppy, with plenty of flavour for a low abv beer. Tropical and Citrus fruits from the use of American Amarillo, Cascade & Columbus.
I’ll have the same again.


MAY SPECIAL – Xtra Triple C 4.5%

This version of the Triple C hops is Centennial, Citra & Columbus. Big fruity and citrus flavours, with a light spice finish, balanced nicely against a sweet malt backbone

XTRA – Fudge 4.6% 

An award winning smooth and rich stout, with added flavors of Chocolate Brownie, and a lightly roasted hint, to balance out the sweeness. This is Fudge!

Awards: Bradford CAMRA 2019 Best Beer 4.1%-5.0%

British Bitter 4.0% 

A classic bitter, brewed with British ingredients, right from the grain, to the hops, then a British yeast strain. Maris Otter, Wheat, Red Crystal & Caramalt. Then hopped using Admiral, Challenger and Goldings


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